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This Simple Trick Allows You To Meditate Daily, Despite A Busy Schedule 
My twisted journey from 
"Monkey Mind" to "Buddha Brain"

Take a look at the guy on the right. 

That was me in my early 20s, just finishing with 5 guys, drinking, partying, wasting time with video games. I was a distracted, multitasking ADHD-monkey.

My attention span was shrinking. My grades were suffering. Something had to change. 

Things didn't get better after I graduated. One day early in my career I found myself sitting in my cube and staring at my computer screen and not wanting to do a lick of work thinking, "There must be more to life than this."

So, I made a decision, right then and there, to make things better. I started reading everything I could on positive psychology, self-improvement, and productivity. 

After reading over 50 books and hundreds of articles, I came to a conclusion: the biggest possible life hack out there was probably meditation.

I had tried to start a meditation habit for years, only to inevitably fall off after doing good for a couple of days. Like any habit, it proved devilishly hard to stick to. 

But I had a secret weapon: my work mentor, April. I knew she had a consistent meditation practice. So I asked her: what made the difference between people who can implement this habit, and those who struggle for years?

April shared the tips and tricks that had worked for me. She suggested I try them. 

And you know what happened next? They worked.

My life turned around. I regained my ability to focus on a task for hours at a stretch, shut out distractions, and execute relentlessly.

(Ever seen that Bradley Cooper movie Limitless? I started feeling like his character in that movie after he takes the NZT pills.) 

Pretty soon, I got a promotion at work...then another. Over the next 5 years, I got a sizeable raise and promotion every single year, eventually writing my own description. I had a blank check, carte blanche at my company. 

I doubled my salary. I had the self-discipline to save over $30,000 in one year. I wrote 20,000 words for a book project in two days.

This was my turning point. I felt slightly superhuman. I was able to go from a typical 60-hour workweek and being stressed, over-tired, and under-excercised, to a job where I'd set my own hours, working only 4 days per week. I had plenty of free time for side projects, the gym, and relationships. I gained 30 lbs (in a good way). 

And you know what I realized? I am not a special snowflake. Anyone willing to follow the steps I followed can get the same result. 

It's now my turn to be "April" to a whole new generation of men. I've made it my life's mission to teach as many men as possible how to build a rock-solid, bulletproof daily meditation habit, so they can experience the same benefits I experienced

  • Less anxiety
  • Less depression
  • Better sleep
  • Better, faster problem solving skills
  • Insight into others' motivations
  • More creativity
  • Got sick less often
  • Skin cleared up and physical appearance developed a "nimbus of health" (according to my coach)
  • A greater sense of calm on a daily basis
  • More compassion
  • More moments of clarity and peace
  • Professional life became easier

I thought I was pretty cool back then.

My first meditation teacher, April. She is responsible for so much good in my life. Now I just hope I can pass along the good to others.

Unexpected benefit of meditation: it allowed me to be VERY SERIOUS while having loads of fun. 

Tan, fit and healthy at Burning Man. Can you spot my 'nimbus of health'? CAN YOU?

Teaching my first seminar -- despite anxiety. Never would have happened without meditation. 

The 30 Day Meditation Challenge

After my sucess, I noticed a lot of my friends wanted to start a meditation habit too, but few of them were finding the consistency I was.

I started asking them, "Why?" and "What's getting in your way?" 

The results didn't surprise me. 

... people didn't have time..

...they were distracted by their kids...

...they had too many other priorities...

...their mind was racing every time they sat down...

(By the way, these were all problems I faced, too.)

The difference was: I had mentors to share the tips and tricks that got them past these common sticking points. 

So I decided to share those tips and tricks with a wider audience. 

I had been helping men individually for years as a personal coach and mentor at, so it was the natural next step.

Meditation just made sense. It was THE keystone habit of a high-performance lifestyle, and it had turned my life around. I had to share meditation as widely as possible. 

That's why I created the 30 Day Meditation Challenge. I put all the expert advice, all the little-known tips, and all the mind-hacking self-persuasion tricks into one system designed to build a rock-solid, bulletproof meditation habit over a 30-day period. 

One system to build you a meditation habit for life.

One system to take you from 0 minutes of meditation to 20 easy minutes per day.

One system that you can put on autopilot in your life, no matter if you're sick, stressed, tired, traveling, a single parent, chronically overworked, underpaid, or living in a 3rd world country. 

This system will work for anyone -- guaranteed. It is based on universal human psychology and human needs that are the same in every culture. We have put 100s of people through it from all over the world and have not seen it fail to work once.

And I invite you to try it, 100% for free, today.  

The #1 Way to Change Your Behavior: Change Your Social Circle

"You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time around." So said Jim Rohn, a mentor to the wildly successful coach Tony Robbins.

If you are not around people who are also bettering themselves and learning to meditate, how will you succeed?

When you join the Challenge, you will automatically be granted access to our private & closed Facebook accountability group for the full duration of the 30 day challenge.

The #1 way to change your behavior is to change your environment. If you hang around 5 multimillionaires who eat healthy, odds are you will become the 6th. If you hang around 5 guys in dead-end jobs who eat pizza and watch Netflix and smoke weed all the time, odds are,that's what you'll do, too. 

We created this accountability group to give everyone the best possible chance of success. Lifetime access comes with everyone who signs up to reserve their spot in the challenge. 

Join our exclusive Facebook group & get encouragement and support every step of the way
Science Has Known The Benefits of Meditation All Along

Studies show you should meditate if you want to be happy, healthy, and long-lived...

The evidence is in. Below are 33 of the most respected, peer-reviewed studies summarizing the positive scientific benefits of a regular meditation practice: 

  •  Decreases anxiety (1,2,3)
  •  Decreases depression (1)
  •  Decreases stress (1,2)
  •  Decreases pain (see image at right)
  •  Increases immune function – keeps you from getting sick (1,2)
  •  Decreases inflammation at the cellular level (1,2,3)
  •  Increased happiness (1,2)
  •  Improves your ability to multitask (1)
  •  Improves your memory – stop forgetting people’s names (1)
  •  Makes you feel less lonely (1)
  •  Increases grey matter – literally making your brain bigger (1)
  •  Increases your focus & attention (1,2,3,4)
  •  Makes you more compassionate (1,2,3
  •  Improves your ability to regulate your emotions (1)
  •  Increases social connection & emotional intelligence (1,2)
  •  Improves your ability to introspect (1)
  •  Increases volume in brain areas related to emotion regulation,  positive emotions & self-control (1,2)
  •  Increases cortical thickness in areas related to paying attention (1)
  •  Improves your ability to be creative & think outside the box (see  research by J. Schooler)
  •  Prevent and slow normal aging (1

Brain scans showing the physical effects of meditation 'quieting the mind.' All things being equal, I think I want LESS red in my brain.

Is meditation better than rest at decreasing pain? According to this picture, it is.

If you want to age gracefully, there is plenty evidence meditation can help you do that. Is this the reason all those Buddhist monks are so spry and lucid into their 80s? 


Try out the 30 Day Meditation Challenge and VIP Coaching Calls at Drew's risk for a full 30 days

Don't wait another second to start this life-changing habit so you can offer your best to your family, your friends, and the world.
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